Humanitarian Aid From Indonesia Arrives in Sudan, Bringing New Hope for Peace

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PORT SUDAN, BERITALINGKUNGAN.COM – In an effort of international solidarity, humanitarian aid from the Republic of Indonesia Government has arrived in Port Sudan on Thursday (4/3), after a flight of over 10 hours. Using a Garuda Indonesia Airbus A330-200 aircraft, this aid, accompanied by an Indonesian delegation, was warmly welcomed at Port Sudan International Airport in the morning.

This aid operation, carried out upon the instruction of President Joko Widodo, is the result of inter-ministerial coordination led by the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture (Kemenko PMK), with field implementation by the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemenlu), and Ministry of Health (Kemenkes).

Major General TNI Fajar Setyawan from BNPB led the delegation, reaffirming Indonesia’s commitment to support Sudan in this crisis. The aid delivered includes medicines, medical equipment, and other vital logistics, reflecting Indonesia’s solidarity with those affected by the conflict in Sudan.

During the ceremony held in the airport’s VIP lounge, Sudan’s Minister of Health, Dr. Haitham Mohamed Ibrahim, expressed appreciation for Indonesia’s aid. This marks the second time Indonesia has sent aid to Sudan, the previous being in December last year.

On this occasion, Deputy for Emergency Response of BNPB, Fajar Setyawan, expressed Indonesia’s concern about the situation in Sudan and expressed hope for peace to be realized soon. This message aligns with President Joko Widodo’s philosophy emphasizing Indonesia’s role in maintaining world peace and actively responding to humanitarian crises.

“The Indonesian government expresses concern about the impact of internal conflicts in Sudan and hopes that peace can be achieved soon, so that Sudanese people can resume normal lives with full fraternity and peace,” said Fajar.

Furthermore, Fajar stated that the delivery of this aid is a manifestation of the Indonesian government’s commitment to always maintain world peace and actively engage in humanitarian missions, whether due to war or natural disasters, as conveyed by President Joko Widodo during the aid and delegation release ceremony in Jakarta on Wednesday (3/4).

“The presence of the delegation along with this aid can be interpreted as a form of commitment from the Indonesian government to always strive to maintain world peace. This includes our active role in humanitarian missions, whether due to war or natural disasters,” explained Fajar.

Meanwhile, Sudan’s Minister of Health, Haitham, thanked the Indonesian government for continuously upholding its commitment to world peace, as demonstrated today in helping the Sudanese people amidst the internal conflict crisis.

“Thanks to all involved, especially the Sudanese Embassy in Jakarta and the Indonesian Embassy in Sudan. This is the second aid from Indonesia, the first was in December and this time it comes again in a larger amount,” Haitham explained.

He mentioned that this would not have been possible without the good relationship between the Republic of Sudan Government and the Republic of Indonesia Government, which has been maintained until now. Sudan’s Minister of Health hopes that this humanitarian aid can alleviate the suffering of Sudanese people affected by internal conflict.

“We all know that the release of this aid was carried out by President of Indonesia Joko Widodo, which proves that Sudan and Indonesia have a strong relationship,” Haitham said.

“Hopefully, this relationship will strengthen further, especially in the field of health,” he concluded (Marwan Aziz).

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